Thursday, June 26, 2008

pictures & a few thousand words...

I took this picture on the boat on the River Delta near Tigre. For all of you L.A. people, this is Buenos Aires' version of the Venice [Beach] Canals but much wider and natural. It was a loooovely boat ride! 
In la Plaza de Mayo....
Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. It was so wonderful to see them after reading about them for so long! 
My wonderful, beautiful host parents Maria Ines and Hector and a huge mountain of bread behind them! They make macrobiotic food, mostly breads and desserts, and sell it in various places around the city. I told them that I would send my mom this picture and tell her that there's no food here and I'm constantly starving... yeah right. I've been all over the world and can say with confidence that all mothers everywhere show their love through food. 

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