Friday, June 20, 2008

cabin pressure.

It's 1:15 am... my plane leaves in exactly 15 hours! I've just started to think about this trip; somehow, all of the packing, gathering, and deciding what to bring and leave behind was done in auto-pilot mode. That's what a 65 page thesis will do to the human brain after many, many months...

But this is very different and new to me. I'm a planner: I plan things way in advance and in way too much detail, consequently leaving expectations and anticipations swirling in my thoughts. I'm thrilled to have very few expectations and only positive impressions of Buenos Aires (I may begin to call it B.A. but only in a nod to my home, L.A.). 

Unfortunately, I've developed a sinus infection over the last couple of days. I inundated myself with Vitamin C with hopes of nipping it in the butt, but no such luck. Hopefully 12+ hours at 36,000 feet won't be too terrible...luckily I have an arsenal of decongestants, advil, sleeping aids, chewing gum, and who knows what else! Honestly, though, if I make it through the circus known as the Los Angeles International Airport tomorrow I'll be beyond thrilled! :)

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